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aboutImgHello there i am so glad you stopped by. Being a Spoken Word artist is one of my biggest passions. Ive been writting since i was 15 and its been many moons since then

I’m a hipster at heart sharing what I love the most.

About Artist

Shavon Walker – a.k.a. Providence – is a spoken word artist set to change the world one poem at a time. She started this journey when she was but 15 years old and since then, has expressed herself to a world hungry for change. Where those felt afraid to tell their stories aloud, Shavon did it for them. Being true to her namesake, she protected the human spirit by speaking on its behalf and uplifting countless communities in the process. She is a respected poet with her first collection called A Soul Spoken, published in 2010. After its release, she was rated on Amazon’s Top 25 List for African American Poetry for two weeks. Four years later, Shavon released her second collection of poetry in 2014 called, A Woman Like Me ~ A Woman’s Journey Through Poetic Expressions. Her most requested poem is Where I’m from, a story that shares her take on overcoming obstacles while living in a society that’s all take and no give. Shavon later became inspired to create a new art form that combined contemporary jazz and spoken work art. Called Jazzoetry, Shavon was ready to give her world a new debut single called, In My Feelings (10-10-14). Working independently, Shavon Walker is set to release her full album Moments Sometimes in 2015. She invites you to join the journey and express ourselves through the word. “The word is the soul,” Shavon says, “It is powerful force to change our consciousness, to change our lives – together.” #shavonspeaks #sheisspokenverses